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19 April 2024

When Ofcom first commissioned this longitudinal study 10 years ago, several of the children in this year’s research weren’t yet born. It was 2014, later dubbed the “year of the selfie”1 in the wake of that year’s icebucket challenge2, the #nomakeupselfie3 and the “selfie that broke Twitter”. A year of laughs, cold-water gasps, attempts at authenticity and a group of famous people who took their own picture at the Oscars.

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15 March 2024

AI content farms are taking over the internet, and NewsGuard analysts track their spread. Read more about AI content farms, and how they are proliferating:


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13 March 2024

Parentzone; 'The Online Safety Bill should mean user-led safety tools will have a greater role to play in how we go online.

It's widely hoped they will make digital safer for families. However, they’re far from a perfect solution.

In our new report, we raise concerns about the effectiveness of user-led safety tools.'

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