online safety and digital citizenship specialist



Bespoke Support Sessions

Simon delivers courses and support for adults who work with young people, including parents, carers, teacher, governors, School Centred Initial Teacher Training, work-based learning providers, local authority services (and core online safety courses for Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships) and charities.

Simon has extensive experience in delivering teaching and training sessions face to face and online. The online sessions are usually, and not exclusively, via Zoom and Teams.

Sessions for adults who work with young people cover:

  • The role of technology and socialmedia
  • Ofsted requirements, re: policy and practice
  • Appropriate online safety messages and challenging existing messages
  • Online bullying
  • Grooming
  • Radicalisation and extremism
  • Online gaming
  • Sexting
  • Gender and body image
  • Digital literacy and fake news
  • Digital identity
  • Professional reputation

Simon also delivers face-to-face support for young people across the key stages, with a focus on digital literacy, citizenship and online safety.

Stalking/Cyberstalking training for front line colleagues who provide support for victims.

Simon is an experienced and well regarded keynote speaker and workshop leader at events throughout the UK and other countries.

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Blue Cross Education

Simon is also a trained Blue Cross volunteer and able to deliver free talks on dog bite prevention, and animal well being, to all age groups for schools, and youth groups including colleges. To arrange a session you can call Blue Cross on 0300 111 8950 or contact Simon directly.