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08 June 2016

With vast swathes of data being sold on the dark web in recent weeks following high-profile breaches, many sites are encouraging users to change their passwords, even if they weren't directly affected.

Facebook and Netflix appear to be taking this a step further with reports a number of users are being forced to update their credentials.


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06 June 2016

WIRED asked a field of password security experts for their favorite unexpected advice, the best practices that might save you the most headache in the long run. Here are seven tips and tricks to keep your digital locks secure.

No, don't make people change their password every month)

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02 June 2015

There are times when we may feel the world is full of antisocial people who feed upon the hatred and distress they share and cause. As a teacher, with a responsibility for the safeguarding and well being of the children in your care, cyberbullying will almost certainly be, at best, a low level distraction and at worst, lead to self harm, and the involvement of social services and law enforcement.

This resource contains a password security poster for you to print out and Teacher Notes containing tips and advice on cyberbullying and password security.

12 March 2015

 This document, by the NEN, is intended for school senior leadership teams and provides an overview of what needs to be in place to keep school networks secure.

The 10 steps described here are adapted from the 2012 CESG document 10 Steps to Cyber Security. CESG is the information security arm of Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

Make sure you understand where the responsibilities for maintaining all these systems and processes reside: some may be maintained in-house while others may be provided by your broadband supplier or another third party.


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