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06 October 2015

Footage posted online suggests people across the UK are frequently using drone cameras illegally - and incidents reported to police appear to be rising. So why have only three people been prosecuted? And are drones actually dangerous?

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26 August 2015

'There’s no shortage of stories out there about employees getting fired because of what turns up on their private social media accounts. 

But I’d argue that as employers we’re often guilty of taking social media policing too far. It’s common career advice these days to tell recent grads and job hunters to sanitize their social media accounts before starting a job search, expunging photos that might seem unprofessional — from selfies on the beach to shots taken at parties. Recruiters and managers are going to‘check up your social media presence’ the argument goes, so it better look squeaky clean.'


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17 October 2014

 'It's normal for teens to sext.

I used to think finding my kids sexting would be one of my worst parental nightmares. But not anymore..'


This article may help parents and carers understand sexting and provide more appropriate support for their children.


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14 October 2014

 Passwords are a blessing and a curse. They allow us to pay for things online and to guard our personal information. But as techniques for cracking them become ever more sophisticated, it's becoming harder to remember and manage all the passwords we need.

For one thing, you really shouldn't use the same password for more than one account. If a hacker is able to break into one of your accounts, they'll try that password with others. Or if one site springs a leak, such as Sony's PlayStation in 2012, hackers can have a field day trying the leaked passwords on other sites. You might not feel too security conscious about some of the sites you use (forums, for example, where no money changes hands), but if you've used the same or a similar password on a more important site, like a shop or your bank, it's like leaving your front door open.


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23 September 2014

If you want to understand the future of humanity – where we're headed, who'll be in charge, and exactly how worried you should be about that – you could do worse than begin with two unremarkable buildings, on opposite coasts of the US. The more famous one, half a mile from Google's main campus in Mountain View, California, is home to Google X, the search giant's purportedly secret research lab.

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