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21 January 2016

While there is greater interest than ever before in online privacy there are also calls from some quarters for people who use the web to be fully accountable. This is part of the thinking behind Facebook's real names policy, and it's also what's driven Tim Berners-Lee -- no less than the inventor of the web -- to call for the identities of cyberbullies to be exposed.


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03 November 2015

An 18-year-old Instagram star has quit online fame and slammed the door on her way out by telling the truth about how much work she put into creating the illusion of social media perfection.

Essena O'Neill, from Queensland, Australia, has almost one million followers combined from her various Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and Tumblr accounts, and was making a decent income from advertising clothes and beauty products to her fans.

But the experience left her feeling "hollow", she said.


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21 October 2015

'Facebook has announced it will inform users if their accounts are being spied upon by any government.

In a note on Facebook, the company's security chief Alex Stamos said people would be notified if there is evidence their profile has been "targeted or compromised by an attacker suspected of working on behalf of a nation-state".'

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