online safety and digital citizenship specialist


Rarely have I taken part in truly mind changing training, but today (we) were well and truly schooled by Simon Finch.. funny man with an important and sobering message about how to be safer online. He has left us with so many ideas and real motivation to get some resources designed for the very vulnerable young people and families we work with.

Another fabulous session on digital safety with
@simfin and @digitalunite. “You don’t have to be an ICT specialist to support people with digital safety, we need to be able to recognise the social behaviours of those around us”

Thankyou so much. The most informative and thought provoking training I have taken part in for a very long time.

I would like to thank Simon for his interesting and thought provoking session. Very helpful for work and everyday life.

Great, informative session that has prepared me better for my role as a specialist teacher.

Thanks @simfin for an excellent and incredibly eye opening 'Safeguarding in the Digital Age' training session.

Thank you Simon!! So enlightening

Fantastic presentation...thought provoking and definitely the direction we need to be going in!

Brilliant presentation thank you

A really interesting topic, and very thought provoking - thank you Simon.

Really interesting presentation, definitely some interesting advice which I will build into day to day practice, thankyou.


A huge thank you to @simfin for delivering some really informative internet safety sessions to our Y5 children, parents/carers, governors and staff.

Good materials, great delivery, fun, engaging, but important and relevant.

Brilliant. Very informative. Thought provoking. Thorough. Engaging. Valuable.

Brilliant input from @simfin.
Will definitely be sharing this back at school - we must help our children stay safe online and 'like' themselves!

@simfin - absolutely bloomin' amazing!!! He should be heading up @educationgovuk #esafety policy/training!

It was good to learn more about the laws surrounding sexting and also some ideas for how to respond if someone is trying to pressure you to send them a nude picture (such as using funny pictures from childline zipit or sending them a photo of a naked molerat)

Made the talk really interesting and comfortable despite the topic he was talking about.

Such a fun conference had humour aimed at us and he was a relatable character. His energetic character was a great pick me up after the long morning but still had great information.

Have had the pleasure of watching a couple of your live presentations. Amazing! Following your (facebook) page for great up to date advice. Thank you. 

Feedback from (Year 10) students and staff on your session has been superb. Thank you!

A very informative session which has made me consider how we teach eSafety to our students and how we discuss their online presence with them. Thanks @simfin

Thoroughly, THOROUGHLY enjoyed your stalking session today. Invaluable and enjoyable, thank you..

Absolutely fantastic session which we know was a hit as the kids all came upstairs and changed their passwords!

Huge thank you to the always-entertaining @simfin for delivering our staff Online Safety training tonight!

Many thanks @simfin for outstanding, informative digital citizenship sessions today with our Y6 classes, who were highly engaged and enthusiastic throughout.

Thank you once again for your thorough and thought-provoking talk. It’s not often that seminars make me see things from a totally different perspective and want to do something about it straight away.

Very honest and thought provoking presentation about internet safety and safeguarding our children. Would highly recommend!

Brilliant feedback from our Year 5 Parents and Carers who joined us today with our online safety expert @simfin
100% would recommend this session.
100% found the session extremely useful.

Thought provoking, informative and you make me double check my thought process.

Enthusiastic facilitator with excellent knowledge on the subject.

Brilliant facilitator, very interesting.

Brilliant, entertaining and lots to take on board.
Teaching us to keep our young people safe in this digital age.

Thanks for another fab CPD session on the importance of digital citizenship @simfin - I learn something new every time and thoroughly enjoy your delivery style (the time flew).

what a thought provoking talk by Simon Finch on working with children/ young people and the use of technology

'Really engaging and thought-provoking - inspired really good discussion sessions'

This was the most thorough inspiring course that I have been on and the content of information was excellent.

Bringing #TechThat Education Technology Conference to an amazing end in a way that only he can . . . the ‘king of uncomfortable truths’

The Digital Citizenship session has given me the information needed to develop my skills more with regard to social media and how young people can be affected by it. I feel more confident in being able to discuss issues surrounding this subject now.

I feel this is the best and most relevant information I have received so far within staff development.

Our Y6 children found today's online safety session with @simfin informative, interesting and fun. "It was great. I know what I need to do to stay safe online." (Pupil)

You set conference history on Friday... first time ever that any presenter has ever got 5 out of 5 on every single delegate feedback form... that is an amazing achievement to receive such universal praise. Some were even writing 6's onto their sheets!!!

@simfin thank you for a powerful and thought provoking presentation today. Wish you had been given longer! #E2BNsafety

A fantastically amusing, but more importantly informative, talk from @simfinuk at the #e2bnsafety conference today. Really puts things into the forefront of my mind.

Engaging, informative and absolutely outstanding speaker! Hit the nail on the head today and really got me thinking.

Thank you for a well received presentation at last Friday's ICT for Education conference in Newcastle. Inspirational, entertaining and informative!

Simfin has a track record of providing excellent e-safety advice and training. Simon also has a superb presentation style, and you are missing out if you haven't been to one of his sessions - we always have something to learn, and Simon always finds something, and some way, to teach us.

As computing coordinator at a special school, with many vulnerable pupils, Simfin is my go to place for up to date, straight talking, clear information on esafety and safeguarding. Highly recommend anyone involved in education to follow this page and if you need training and information, Simfin is your man!

Sensational performance Simon. Excellent feedback from delegates.

I could have stayed to listen all day

Many thanks. Have had lots of positive feedback already from other members of staff who found your training very hard hitting but useful.

Could I just say on behalf of myself and my head teacher a huge thank you for delivering the e-safety training on Wednesday night.

One staff member sent me an email to say: "Can I just say how much I enjoyed the training, I thought it was so engaging and relevant. That's the first time I've come out of an e safety training and actually felt directly effected."

I feel the training was definitely relevant.

We had an informative, balanced, entertaining e-safety update today. Not often you can use all those words in one sentence.

Awesome training session from Simon Finch last night on digital literacy and citizenship, at the langdale centre! So well delivered and engaging!

Humour throughout did not undermine content. Information engaged group in a seemingly 'stream of consciousness' way so that it felt natural and accessible.

I really enjoyed it. It should be a TED talk.

Excellent session today. Simon's delivery of what includes some difficult subject matter was highly engaging. Many thanks and much appreciated.

Great session today for parents and teachers. Certainly made me stop and think. Many thanks

Nothing like I expected. I've had basic online training awareness in the past but nothing like this. Well presented, funny, thought provoking and interesting.

'Best thing I did, signing up to this page. Thank you for the steady stream of advice.'