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23 June 2023

Forget what you know about chatbots. My AI, which Snapchat launched in May, is so convincingly real, it feels like there's a real person on the other end.

My daughter chats with it several times a day about just about everything, from school stress to friend troubles.

"This [AI] is perfect. No mean things to say. No weirdness. Everything is just perfect and they're willing to learn about what I want. They said even though I'm not a real person I can still be a good friend and listen to talk about things you love," explained my daughter.

"I love My AI. It's my best friend."

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03 September 2022

Parents and carers have been asking the platform for more parental controls for years. They want to understand more about how those in their care use the app while also keeping them safer. After nearly one year in development, the promised parental control feature has finally arrived – Snapchat Family Center.

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07 July 2022

Informaton from iNEQE


'What is Meet Up?Snapchat’s newest feature adds an extra layer to their existing Snap Map feature by allowing users to get directions to their friend’s exact location. It pairs with Apple Maps and Google Maps apps, which show how long it would take someone to walk, drive, or use public transport to reach the address. Essentially – with the click of a few buttons, anyone is able to gain access to your workplace, school, or home address and the fastest route to get there.'

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