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13 May 2015

 It's sparked frightening headlines and warnings from police departments around the world - but there's no evidence that a social media "game" that encourages children to disappear is anything other than a rumour that's got out of hand. "Game of 72" - a social media challenge where kids are allegedly told to disappear for 72 hours by their friends.


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20 March 2015

We first heard about Android Auto, Google's foray into the automobile world, back at Google I/O 2014. While we've heard a ton of companies announce their plans to eventually make aftermarket head units, it's taken quite awhile for Google to get the OS out to consumers. With that said, now consumers can finally get their chance to experience Auto for themselves, because Google has just published the Android Auto app to the Play Store.

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12 March 2015

A major BBC project, developed in pioneering partnership with over 25 organisations, will give a personal coding device free to every child in year 7 across the country - 1 million devices in total.

Still in development and nicknamed the Micro Bit,* it aims to give children an exciting and engaging introduction to coding, help them realise their early potential and, ultimately, put a new generation back in control of technology. It will be distributed nationwide from autumn 2015.

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