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07 June 2013

News that the US government's national security agency has been allegedly tapping into the phone records of Verizon customers quickly escalated into reports that it also had backdoor access to the major technology companies, including Apple, Google and Facebook.

The so-called Prism programme tapped into the servers of nine internet firms, according to leaked documents obtained by the Washington Post.


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23 May 2013

Digitally Confident – The Greatest Educator's CPD event in the World*

Digitally Confident is the leading cross phase professional development event in the UK with outstanding speakers with proven success in primary, secondary and special schools. This is an important event for teachers and school leaders to be inspired and gain practical support in using communication technologies to engage all learners and raise learning outcomes.

Keynote speaker: The amazing Tim Rylands

When? 20 November 13

Where? Gosforth Park Marriott Hotel, Newcastle NE England

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