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22 January 2014

The Kickstarter-funded Pocket Drone is a foldable, flying "multicopter" that its creators dubbed "the GoPro of drones." It's equipped with an action camera for capturing aerial photos and video and a rechargeable battery allowing for flights of up to 20 minutes. Plus, the device folds up to the size of a small tablet for portability. Read more.

What are the social implications of anybody being able to recor images almost anywhere, at anytime, the choose?

21 January 2014

It seems like "password" is no longer the worst password to have. According to its annual 'Worst Passwords' list by data security firm SplashData, the top spot in 2013 belongs to "123456".

In previous years, "password" has always been the most common and worst password to have. This year, it moves to the second spot, with "12345678" taking third place. Read more

02 January 2014

'The National Security Agency's sophisticated hacking operations go way beyond using software vulnerabilities to gain access to targeted systems. The agency has a catalog of tools available that would make James Bond's Q jealous, providing NSA analysts access to just about every potential source of data about a target.'

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