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18 December 2014

A police investigation is under way after it was revealed dozens of secondary school pupils have been targeted in a string of "sexting" attacks.

Detectives are examining four separate allegations that both boys and girls have been sent explicit images via mobile phones and social networking sites and asked to send them back in return.


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06 November 2014

A new breed of relatively easy-to-use encryption and security services like Silent Circle have started popping up ever since Snowden made his revelations last year. One of the newest additions to that growing list is a Chrome browser extension called ShadowCrypt, which encrypts emails, Facebook status updates, tweets and other messages you send and post on social media.

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16 September 2014

 Do apps like Whisper, Secret and, which let their users mask their identity, give voice to cyberbullying and other bad behavior?

Mike Dreiblatt, president of the activist group Stand Up to Bullying and co-author of How to Stop Bullying and Social Aggression, says that such apps tend to bring out the worst in young people, and has some advice for the apps as well as parents.

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