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17 April 2015

Disturbing, explicit and also moving and poignant 17 min film about teenagers, Facebook, trust and relationships.

Due to the graphic nature of some of the images it is unlikely this video would be appropriate to use in schools but will help adults who work with young people have a clearer understanding of the 'flitting attention span and lack of true connection in digital culture.'

Watch here.

22 April 2014

'Despite the growing interest in digital literacy within educational policy, guidance for secondary educators in terms of how digital literacy translates into the classroom is lacking. As a result, many teachers feel ill-prepared to support their learners in using technology effectively. The DigiLit Leicester project created an infrastructure for holistic, integrated change, by supporting staff development in the area of digital literacy for secondary school teachers and teaching support staff. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how the critique of existing digital literacy frameworks enabled a self-evaluation framework for practitioners to be developed. Crucially, this framework enables a co-operative, partnership approach to be taken to pedagogic innovation. Moreover, it enables social and ethical issues to underpin a focus on teacher-agency and radical collegiality inside the domain of digital literacy.'

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11 April 2013