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17 March 2014

'THREATS made to a teacher on Facebook have prompted a headmaster to send home a letter warning parents that they could face legal action for defamation.

Following abusive comments on the website, Tom Gittins, headteacher of Hartburn Primary in Stockton, has urged parents to consider carefully what they say on the internet.'


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03 March 2014

Even if you've never embarrassed yourself by unknowingly spreading an urban legend as fact to friends and family, you've at least been on the receiving end of one of these misinformed messages. Next time an email, tweet, or link seems a little fishy, here's how to spot it before your itchy trigger finger sends it to all your friends or followers.


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11 February 2014

11th February 2014] Hundreds of schools, companies, charities and police forces are joining the UK Safer Internet Centre in reaching out to millions of people across the UK today for Safer Internet Day 2014. It is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to promote the safe, responsible and creative use of technology.

Research launched today by the UK Safer Internet Centre shows that 2 in 5 young people aged 7-19 have created an app, website, game or blog. The study of more than 21,000 schoolchildren shows the incredible opportunities offered by the internet and the importance of ensuring it's a safe place.

Today is the eleventh annual Safer Internet Day with the theme 'Let's create a better internet together'. Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre, and recognised globally in over a hundred countries, the day provides a platform to celebrate this digital creativity and to encourage the safe, responsible use of technology.


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