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04 July 2016

Today is Day 1 of a Thinkyouknow Parents and Carers three month campaign, and we are excited to introduce our first new resource entitled “The world changes. Children don’t”.

This short film that tells the age-old story of Romeo and Juliet... with a modern twist. It shows how the lives of these young lovers might play out online today, including the Lark ‘tweeting’ and Romeo ‘friending’ Juliet.

29 February 2016
For creators, reshooting a scene for the tiniest bloopers is one of the more annoying (and cost-consuming) aspects of filming. Today, YouTube wants to help fix that by letting you blur any part of the video before it makes it to the public Web.
The concept isn’t entirely new – in 2012, YouTube launched a face blurring tool to help anonymize people in videos. With today’s update, users can blur out any section of the video – be it unwanted license plates, visible phone numbers, wardrobe malfunctions, disturbing imagery, or the like.
18 February 2016

'If you think about it, our smartphones know more about us than our closest friends. We store passwords, surf the web, and text everyone from our family to our 💋lovahs💋 on our devices, and for that reason, we password protect the hell out of ’em.

So with that in mind, would you ever just hand your phone, right now, to your ex?'


When it comes to digital citizenship, privacy and respect, should you ever want to look at someone's messages and shares?


Read the article and watch the video here

08 December 2015

More and more teenagers and young people are getting involved in cyber crime. Many do it for fun without realising the consequences of their actions – but the penalties can be severe.

Cyber crime isn’t a victimless crime. The National Crime Agency and police take cyber crime extremely seriously and will make every effort to identify and prosecute offenders.